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Learn More About Our Healthy Balance Program

The Healthy Balance Meals Program was designed by our registered dietitian, Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, and is regularly updated to reflect healthy eating recommendations from major health organizations, including the U.S. Government and the American Heart Association. Customers with dietary restrictions for fat, sodium, cholesterol, and sugar can enjoy a daily delicious Healthy Balance meal every day of the week.

The Healthy Balance Meals Program includes recipes for hot entrees, sandwiches, salads, and soups. Each of our more than 75 Healthy Balance meals follows these guidelines:

• 500 calories, or less
• 12 grams of total fat, or less
• No added trans fat
• 75 milligrams of cholesterol, or less
• 600 milligrams of sodium, or less
• No added sugar

Nutrition information for each Healthy Balance meal is posted at the station where the meal is offered on a 15 inch electronic menu board.

Healthy Balance Club Card
To give customers a little extra incentive to eat healthy, Corporate Chefs had developed our Healthy Balance Club card. Buy 10 Healthy Balance meals and get your 11th free!! Nutritious tasty meals and saving money at the same time, what could be better!

Healthy Balance Newsletter
Our registered dietitian, Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, is the author of this quarterly newsletter that explores current nutrition and lifestyle topics. Each issue includes two articles, a healthy recipe complete with nutrition facts, and tips for nutritious eating. Copies of the Healthy Balance Newsletter are found in the front of our cafeteria at the Healthy Balance Station.

Healthy Balance Nutrition and Lifestyle Education
Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD offers onsite nutrition and wellness seminars. An accomplished author and speaker, Ward has created and delivered nutrition education programs at companies including IBM, Stride Rite, and Mitre, and she has been an invited speaker at more than 100 national and international meetings of nutrition professionals. Ward has worked with Corporate Chefs for nearly 20 years. See more about Elizabeth Ward under “Meet Our Registered Dietitian.” Corporate Chefs is planning Quarterly nutrition and wellness seminars at HHS. At the end of each seminar, Liz will be available to answer questions in the serving area.

At our Healthy Balance Information Station you will find our Nutritional Board that provides basic information including calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and fiber all for standard items offered daily including; salad bar ingredients, grilled selections, fruit bar items, and sandwich ingredients.

Corporate chefs offers all natural, organic and gluten free foods throughout our cafés. These products are easily indentified by looking for the green ribbons in the café. Enclosed is a list of some of our organic all natural and gluten free offerings.

Every Friday from Memorial Day through Columbus Day Corporate Chefs will feature our farmers market offering a variety of fresh local and organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. HHS employees can visit the farmers market and get a head start on their shopping for the weekend. Corporate Chefs will feature organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables throughout its servery.

Our Registered Dietician, Liz Ward MS RD is the author of our various informational brochures. Enclosed are copies of our brochures titled “The Healthy Balance Meals Program” and “Smart Snacking Strategies”.

Located in the front of each café is our Healthy Balance Informational Station. The centerpiece of your informational station will be a 15 inch electronic menu board which will have the days Healthy Balance Selection on it as well as other nutritional information. In addition to the electronic menu board you will find our nutrition board featuring nutritional information on our standard café offerings, copies of our Healthy Balance Newsletter and brochures and much, much more.

Corporate Chefs will feature a vegetarian special daily. Vegan meals will be featured a minimum of twice a week.

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