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Our Trans-Fat Policy

Trans fats are found in trace amounts in fatty meats and full-fat dairy foods and in larger amounts in certain processed items, including doughnuts, shortening, and fast food. Trans fats pose a threat to good health because they contribute to heart disease risk. The body does not need trans fat, and health experts suggest eating as little as possible.

While it is nearly impossible to completely avoid trans fat, Corporate Chefs takes every opportunity to use trans fat-free products, including 100% trans fat-free oil in our fryers and trans fat-free margarine.

In addition, we recently worked with our bakery to develop nine cookies that are made with organic palm fruit oil instead of hydrogenated fat, which is rich in trans fats, and all of our cake and muffin mixes are now 100% trans fat-free. We are proud to offer customers trans-fat free baked goods that don’t sacrifice taste for better health.